New Store Program | Orgill's expert assortment planning, pricing strategies, marketing, and retail store design take the guesswork out of opening a new store.

Your Partner in Growth

Every store owner must deal with a variety of circumstances unique to their business, but opening a new store creates one-of-a-kind challenges that can be difficult for anyone to handle all on their own. In order to succeed, it’s crucial that you make the right planning and marketing decisions for your business before the doors even open.

Orgill has always provided their customers with the products, services, strategies and support they need to get the most out of their existing operations and markets. With Orgill’s New Store Program, you would have all that, plus additional resources when starting up a new business or adding a new location.

Orgill’s New Store Program is just what the name implies: It is a targeted approach to helping new stores get up and running, which allows the business to thrive from the very beginning. How is it done? It’s simple. Orgill puts all of their resources and retail knowledge to work for your store.

Orgill also combines market-specific expertise and experience in assortment planning, pricing strategies, marketing and retail store design to take much of the guesswork out of opening a new store. While you may be new to the retail game or may have never opened a startup store, the Orgill team has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs plan and open successful new retail operations in all types of markets.

Who Is the New Store Program Designed For?

The program is 100-percent focused on new store ventures, whether it’s a location for a new business entity, or an additional branch for an existing customer. The New Store Program is designed to address specific opportunities and challenges that a new store or location presents.

Orgill prides itself on helping their existing hardlines customers be successful. Likewise, they also want to help entrepreneurs start their new operation in the best position to become profitable as quickly as possible. That’s what the New Store Program is designed for.

How the Program Works

The first step in the New Store Program is for Orgill to conduct a Market Driven Retailing (MDR) study of the specific market where the new store will be opening.

This program works best when Orgill begins working with a retailer in the earliest possible stages of planning to open a new location. The in-depth study provides a wealth of market data. It begins with demographic studies to define the consumers in a specific market. Those findings are coupled with onsite audits of that market by the merchandising services team. The audits find the categories important to those consumers.

Once the audit is complete, Orgill utilizes the findings to produce a store plan that reflects what consumers are looking for in their shopping experience. Its composition includes a floor plan, with the category space allocations customized to fit that particular market. Everything from Market Specific Pricing recommendations to customer service is designed to help the new store become a destination for its community.

The study results provide you with tangible resources to help make your business a successful one. At implementation, you will be working with retail development managers that have extensive experience in executing the set up of new retail operations. These seasoned Orgill employees have helped countless retailers start and then run profitable businesses.

Orgill is by your side through the entire New Store Program process, but remember, you make the decisions. It’s your store!

A Financial Helping Hand

In addition to the market research and planning that goes into opening a new operation, Orgill’s New Store Program also provides financial help to credit-qualified retailers.

The goal is to assist the retailers with the variety of expenses that are related to opening a new retail location, for optimal results. Qualified participants may be eligible to receive significant discounts and extended dating on merchandise.

Signage Solutions Help Stores Stand Out

To help a new store stand out, Orgill has partnered with a national signage provider that offers both exterior and interior branding. They can provide turnkey services for any business, including signs and graphics for building your brand, and a cohesive message about your company. Effective store graphics and signage, along with design and decor choices, create a positive shopping experience, resulting in return visits and loyal customers.

These services include:
  • Exterior signage
  • Electronic message centers
  • Interior decor elements
  • Design and layout
  • Field surveys
  • Installations
  • Inventory
  • Permitting

The exterior signage product offerings include:
  • Primary signage
  • Pylons
  • Monuments
  • Wall cabinets
  • Multi-tenant panels
  • Channel letters
  • Awnings
  • Secondary exterior signs
  • Electronic message centers
The interior signage product offerings include:
  • Endcap signage
  • Triangle aisle directories
  • Hanging aisle signs
  • Hanging department signs
  • Hanging circular signs
  • Category signs
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