Find out how Orgill helps you Leverage your Local Brand to Compete in your Marketplace.
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Your Brand Matters Banner
Market-Driven Retailing is Orgill's philosophy when leveraging your brand to outperform in your local market. 
Exterior of Preston Hardware
Exterior of Preston Hardware
Providing Customers With Local Brands
Orgill has always championed the value of local branding. In fact, this concept is what drives their market-driven retailing philosophy.
Because no two markets are the same, Orgill takes into account a number of factors about your business and its surrounding communities. They look at the demographic of your market, your current pricing and that of your competitors, current and projected sales by category and much more. Orgill uses this information to help you develop the proper product assortments and retail pricing strategies that best fit your market.

The Study
To learn more from consumers about their opinions on national and local brands, Orgill commissioned an independent study from The Farnsworth Group, a well-respected research firm that specializes in the home improvement industry.
For the study, The Farnsworth Group spoke with more than 900 consumers and 240 professional remodelers and tradespeople nationwide. Orgill wanted to find out exactly how important these different types of brands are to home improvement shoppers.
The Findings
After The Farnsworth Group completed its research and compiled the data for the study, it became clear that to stand out from your competition, you need to market your store, including products, prices and service, to your local area.
In fact, the study found that spending money to prop up a national brand identity was not that impactful on how customers view your store. They suggest that your money is better spent if it’s put toward other factors that could positively impact a store’s performance.
Consumers and DIYers
When it comes to consumers, The Farnsworth Group study reinforces the fact that these shoppers identify far more with a store’s local identity and reputation than with any national brand.
In fact, when asked the name of the local hardware store where they do their shopping, nearly 70 percent of the consumers surveyed named their local store, without mentioning any national affiliation.
Further, the majority of consumers surveyed said their local hardware store’s national identity has no influence over whether or not they shop at that store.
Pro Customers
Contractors and other professionals who took the survey were even less motivated by brand.
In fact, when researchers asked those survey respondents to identify the name of their local hardware store, the vast majority did not list a brand affiliation when naming that store.
In addition, the majority of these customers said they do not consider a store’s national brand identity when choosing where to shop.
These pros continue to be loyal to their local stores. Nearly all of those respondents said they would keep shopping at their local store, whether it was or wasn’t affiliated with a national entity.
Additional Resources
Orgill offers several programs to help you get your store’s name out into the community.
BrandBase: This proprietary software program allows you to develop your own marketing materials. It has three levels to choose from, with each offering different options.
Create custom flyers, build your own shelf talkers, make your own circulars and access Orgill’s image download tool. More features, such as email marketing examples and suggested Facebook posts, are coming soon!
Promotional Endcaps and Stack-Outs: With this program, you can choose from a collection of endcaps and stack-outs, finding those that best fit your store.
Calendar Program: Add your logo and contact information to these customizable calendars and hand them out to customers with their purchases, so they can keep your store in mind year-round.
Postcards: Orgill’s postcards are designed to help you welcome customers old and new near your store’s location. The eye-catching postcards feature customized messaging and enticing coupons.
Web Essentials: If you don’t have a website, Orgill can help you build one. This program is a complete solution with a professional design and customized content for your store. Monthly support is provided to keep your website up-to-date.
What Consumers Want
Consumers rate national affiliation last among what they consider when choosing where to shop for home improvement products. Here’s how the factors stack up, in order of importance.
  1. Products in stock
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Everyday low pricing
  4. Knowledgeable employees
  5. Good sales prices
  1. Convenient location
  2. Available employees
  3. Easy to find products
  4. Friendly, trustworthy employees
  5. Quick and easy checkout
Source: The Farnsworth Group
Orgill leverages several services to get your local branding out into the community.
Inside View of a Hardware Store
Inside View of a Hardware Store
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Inside Store View of Signage
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