“Orgill recognizes that no two businesses are alike. They help us tailor our programs and product selection to best serve the needs of our customers.”
Orgill’s Team Is Focused On Our Success
Support Every Step of the Way

Reliable Sales Reps
“Orgill’s sales reps are in our stores regularly. They’re in the trenches with our managers and our sales associates making suggestions for new products and work with us on developing programs for our market.”
Outstanding Service
“Orgill has a good understanding of us and our business. They are willing to work with us and try new things. Their pricing is always competitive, and they offer us support whenever we need it. No matter who we speak with, we know we can get the answers we need.”
Pete Meichtry
Ganahl Lumber, 10 locations in Southern California
An Orgill customer since 2004

“Our business is a relationship business. We try to do the right thing for all of our customers, suppliers and employees. Orgill radiates these same values in everything they do.”
Orgill Understands Our Company and Our Customers
It's Our Business

Orgill Helps Us Grow
“Doing business with Orgill is a great experience— they listen, they understand and they act. Whether it’s helping us reset a store, providing dealer support programs or adding products to their warehouse that our customers want, they understand what it takes to run a successful retail venture.”
Orgill Delivers Performance
"We are known for being competitively priced with everyone in our market, including the boxes. Orgill's pricing lets us do this. We also use their Market Specific Pricing system that makes sure we are always competitive on price without giving up any margin."
Larry Huot
Middleton Building Supply, New Hampshire
An Orgill customer since 2002

“Orgill is simply the best hardware distributor for our company. Orgill offers the right retail solutions to help us build our brand and grow our business.”
Orgill Helped Us Customize Our Offerings Without Sacrificing Our Independence
The Best in the Business

Offering Personalized Service
“Our company was founded in 1881, and we have 38 locations in Texas. We recently converted our stores to Orgill. Each of our markets is unique, and Orgill has helped us customize our product selection to each of those locations.”
Maintaining Our Independence
“What we really like about working with Orgill is that we can maintain our independence while still taking advantage of the many resources available to help us be more successful.”
Corby Biddle
Higginbotham Brothers, Texas
An Orgill customer since 2015

“Orgill offers a full selection of high-quality products, allowing me to provide my customers with exactly what they’re looking for.”
Orgill’s Inventory Selection Keeps Our Shelves Fully Stocked!
All The Products We Need

Getting Started
“When we bought our store, it had a lot of older, obsolete inventory. Orgill’s team came in and worked closely with us to reset the store in just two weeks. No other supplier could have made such a transformation so quickly.”
A Strong Partnership
“Orgill’s partnership with vendors is the best we’ve ever seen among any distributor. Orgill works with every brand you can think of to provide its customers with all of the high-quality products they need.”
Taylor Baker
Foothills Hardware & Builders Supply, North Carolina
An Orgill customer since 2015

“I love doing business with Orgill because I know that when someone from Orgill tells me something, you can chisel it in stone because it’s a done deal.”
Orgill Makes Success Personal
Reliable Relationship, Sharp Pricing

Competitive Advantage
“We are known for being competitively priced with everyone in our market, including the boxes. Orgill’s pricing lets us do this. We also use their Market Specific Pricing system that makes sure we are always competitive on price without giving up any margin.”
Great People
“We have a really close relationship with Orgill. It feels like we pretty much know everyone at the company. Orgill is a big operation, but you wouldn’t know it by the way they treat their customers. They are just very real people.”
Bobby Fuller
Fuller & Son Hardware, Arkansas
An Orgill customer since 2002

“Since we started working with Orgill, we have returned to and expanded a number of categories because we can be competitive, even with 11 competitors in our market.”
Orgill Helps You Find Opportunities for Growth
Attention to Detail

Expanding Your Market
“Orgill isn’t just a vendor to us, they are a business partner. They are always in full support of our growth. We wouldn’t have the growth opportunities that we do without Orgill at our side.”
Living Up to Commitments
“One of the biggest differences between Orgill and our old supplier is the fill rates. With Orgill, fill rates are just fantastic.”
Brent Perry
Alf Curtis Home Improvements, Ontario
An Orgill customer since 2011

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